For the website, we chose an imagery from the destination side point to convey world wide targetet consumers being reachable at any time of the day. Iconography and linear illustrations atributed to the their offices makes up for a familiar feel, trustworthy and simple to use service.

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About the project    Accelwise is a global digital marketing company with offices in Ireland, Romania, and USA. The name is composed of two words: “accelerate” - facilitating progress, together with “wise” - showing experience in decision making.


The brief    With the statement of being a world leader in the most effective and green form of advertising - email, the brief was to convey a global, strong, as well as a professional image.


What we did    Our design solution was to create an ownable monogram from A(ccel) + W(ise) in order to establish a personalized symbol for their main channel of business, Email. We partnered with a specialized in technology and innovation copywriter for a knowledgeable, yet simple and clear tone of voice. From a communication stand point, we chose to divide it into B2B, as in illustrations for representing global reach and advantages they can sustain with a proprietary email platform, and B2C where we chose open space, travel imagery conveying no boundaries, focused targeting for brand advertisers.


Pictograms and icons were created to instill a modern feel, but also easy access to their service, and understanding the user flow in their proprietary platform.


The two color, light green - dark indigo, take their cues from the promise for green advertising, alongside a with a cutting edge innovative proprietary platform.



Identity, Print, Webdesign, Word / Power Point templates, Copywriting (credits @Gemma Church)

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Logo Raio Studio branding and packaging design, based in Vienna, Austria
Logo Raio Studio branding and packaging design, based in Vienna, Austria